STAT 23400 2022 Sec 1


Textbook 1 (OIS4)

OpenIntro Statistics 4th edition (not 3rd!) Available for free download at

Textbook 2 (MMSA)
Modern Mathematical Statistics with Applications, 2nd by Devore and Berk
FREE eBook online at U Chicago Library (check Library Reserves on canvas):

Course Schedule

103/29Course logistics, policy and requirements Definitions of Probability Sample Space and Events Probability RulesLecture 1 
03/31Conditional Probability General Multiplication Rule Independence Bayes Theorem Tree DiagramLecture 2
204/05Discrete random variable  Probability mass function Expected valueLecture 3
04/07Variance Linear transformation of a random variable Moments, and
moment generating function
Lecture 4
304/12Binomial distribution Continuous random variableLecture 5
04/14Probability density function (pdf) Cumulative distribution function (cdf) Expected values, variance, MGFLecture 6
404/19Normal distribution Joint probability distributionLecture 7
04/21Marginal distribution Conditional distributionLecture 8
504/26Expected values Covariance CorrelationLecture 9
04/28Central Limit Theorem Normal approximation to Binomial distributionLecture 10
605/03Midterm in class (only go to your section)Midterm review
05/05Introduction to Statistical Inference  Exploratory data analysis. Data Matrix, Cases, Variables  Histogram  Numerical Summary: Mean and Median  Measuring Variability  Five Number Summary and Boxplot  Density Curves  Checking for normality and Q-Q plotLecture 11
705/10The estimation problem Confidence intervalLecture 12
05/12C.I. for Proportions  Sample Size Calculation Hypothesis Testing: General FrameworkLecture 13
805/17Hypothesis for the mean Hypothesis for proportionLecture 14
05/19Analysis of Two Sample (Unpaired) Data  Comparing Two ProportionsLecture 15
905/24Analysis of Paired Data  Introduction to Simple Linear RegressionLecture 16
05/26Introduction to Simple Linear Regression Statistical Inference for Simple Linear RegressionLecture 17
10Final 6/2 (Thursday) 10:00-12:00 E133
Final Review
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